Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Economic Viability

We guarantee to have the lowest cost service in Southeastern PA, for waste oil recycling.. We at WOR have extensive backgrounds in the food service industry and know what slim margins the average resturaunt operates within. Every dollar of savings makes a difference. Let us show you how to decrease the time and work required to dispose of your waste oil while saving your business money.

Since Waste Oil Recyclers is environmentally and socially responsible, you can use your cost saving choice as free marketing and advertisement for your business. Customers are increasingly aware of businesses that choose to “Be Green” and act as Community Builders. By choosing WOR you are giving something back to the neighborhoods around you in the form of cleaner air and productive charities. Let your customers know what good work you are doing.
Waste Oil Recyclers attends several community and school events throughout the year. Allow us to highlight your participation and hand out your literature and coupons at our next event.